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I'm sitting on the couch working on my general exam document so I can get a PhC. Writing is going really really slow unfortunately. The problem is mainly how open ended it is so the direction can be whatever I make it. Freedom is really hard, I tend to like much more structure in my life.

What I am really exited about lately is my optics projects I have been working on. I got some really fantastic books on optics that I have been reading while I collect components from ebay and other places. The coolest thing I got lately is a big crystal of calcite! It has some really interesting optical properties. If you place it on a book you will see two sets of words offset from eachother. Nicole's housemate was really impressed. If my PhD work motivated me a tenth as much as designing and building my projects I would be done and a half already. I really hope I can find a job that I am motivated to do. In hind sight, I think I would have been a lot happier leaving school after my masters to be an engineer, but now that I am this far in I have to finish up.

I got tickets this morning to fly back to PA for spring break in a week ish. I will bring some boards games and I'll see if I can find people to play. I always have a lot of fun doing that. Time has been flying lately, a month feels like a week used to, I remember in high school when a day took forever... now in a blink it is time to sleep again. What is happening to all that time?

I've been playing my Irish tin whistle a bit when I have free time, it is much much easier then my fiddle. anyway, I better get some more words down for my document.
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What is a PhC?
it is an official Phd Candidate degree. that means that I get a piece of paper that says I officialy spend wayyyy to much time in school. How it works here is that you get one not long before you finish... which is kind of silly.
Don't worry, you'll always be able to find us :)
…Thanks to the tracking device I slipped into your hat a few years ago…
ohhh, I was wondering what that beeping sound was