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I've been reading Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dannett and it is pretty rough going. So far the book is a refutation of a theory of mind I don't hold. The dialog style of philosophy books kind of annoys me.

The book that really annoyed me lately is called something like "An introduction to Baysian reasoning in statistics" Nicole has been reading it so I just read the first chapter. I call Bull Sh*t on a lot of the ideas presented, I think one of the examples he gives is flat out wrong. My current view is that a significant portion of research is pure snake oil sales... but perhaps I am too jaded. I definitly accecpt that I could be wrong on all counts and am open to being disproven.

In other news! I got my tickets to Norway to visit my sister! That is going to be lots of fun.

Last night I started Milling the parts for my super awesome fantastic optics project! The only problem is that the 1/2 inch drill bit that I got is too long for my mini-mill. I have to go use the Physics dept. student machine shop, bog. Technically, I think I might have to take the safety class again... but I will try to just go use it anyway.

Anyway, life is going well despite my research project imploding. I've been applying to a few jobs while I work on a Hail Marry pass. Good times.
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