Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

Wow! Yum yum

So I went on the Theo chocolate factory tour with Nicole and her mom the other day. They make fair trade organic chocolates and boy are they fantastic. Did I mention that they make just unbelievable dark chocolate? I got two bars to take home besides the buckets of chocolate I ate on the tour. Next time someone comes to visit me I will definitely take them on that. The coolest part was how small it was and how I felt like it was a company I could start.

In other news I got funding though summer for my PhD so that is good. I'm finally getting back into it after having a bit of a crisis over the direction of my life. Feeling better about things now. Another problem is there are lots and lots of text books I really want to buy... but they are really expensive. I could easily drop a kilobuck if I actually got them. Number one on my list is a book called 'Optics' by Hecht. I've read a good portion of it and it was just fantastic.

I'm still working away on my secret project in my room (not really secret). I got hung up for 3 hours yesterday trying to deal with variable types running C++ libraries in Matlab. BUT in the end I figured out that I could do something I didnt think was possible with my little usb data grabber. I just love working on this project, it makes me really happy... that and the chocolate.
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