Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

Snow in MN

Yesterday I drove little Wil to the science museum and I pushed him around to all the exhibits. He really liked everything, his head was swiveling all over the place looking at all the colors and moving things. I think the wave tank and the pendulums were his favorite. My favorites had to be the collection of dinosaur bones, just fantastic stuff. The only thing that really caught me off guard was a sign that said dinosaurs are reptiles!! What! next they are going to say Jesus rode them. At least they said in small print at the bottom that there is some controversy and some scientists think they are related to birds. I was really impressed with the collection though, it really makes me want to go on a rode trip to all the science museums I can find.

Because I am in the mood here is a science related clip:

The museum also had a small exhibit on light and optics (one of my favorites), just fantastic stuff. I think the technical quality was a bit higher then I was expecting. They had a Bunsen burner with a spectrometer that showed how you can distinguish between chemicals based on spectral lines! Impressive! I will have to try that with my blowtorch sometime this summer.

For dinner I made Jon pizza and Nicole's broccoli recipe, I think it turned out really well. The night before I made my sister taco truck style tacos with cut up radishes on then. It is interesting having mys sister and husband coming in and out of town while I am here. They seem really busy and professional. I feel really different from other people sometimes, I've never been very motivated by money, status, or power... I really just want to learn and build what I find beautiful. Perhaps I will grow up at some point.
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