Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

I'm in Minnesota hanging out with sister and baby

MN has been fun so far, I went driving around today the the local "water fall"... I guess all things are relative. The ice around it was very cool though and was a good example of blue from molecular vibration.

While my sister is at work I've been reading a lot. I've read about 50 pages into: Plato's Republic, A Beautiful Mind, QED, The Handbook of Modern Sensors. I read the first page of a few Sci-fi books but couldn't get into them: American Gods, Devil in the White City, and something station something. I really like reading, money has never motivated me but knowledge sure does and I think books hide a lot of things I want to know.

Of the books, the prologue of A Beautiful mind was the most fascinating to me. It talks a lot about the scientific mind and the strange quirks of mathematicians. I feel like I can relate in a lot of ways. Plato's Republic was a lot more interesting and understandable now that I was not being forced to read it for a class. It made me think a bit but not as much as B.Mind. I think QED was the most fun to read, the intro to that book is just fantastic. The Sensor Handbook was just something I found on the shelf that I wanted as a challenge to go cover to cover. Some people challenge themselves by running marathons, I try and read text books cover to cover.

Baby Wil has been a lot of fun to play with. He smiles a lot and likes it when I cut up a strawberry for him. He is a bit fussy and crys a bit when he is hungry or needs to be changed. Hearing him cry is a bit stressful for me since I get a strong feeling that I need to do something but my sister and Mom have it handled. I was largely in doubt that humans could have survived with how needy babies are.. but now I understand that they have mind control powers that make people want to help them instinctively.

I played Scrabble last night with my mom and Jon. I think Scrabble is a fantastic game, even though I lost I had a lot of fun. I like games where you can try and be clever and even if you don't win you can try to beat your own score... In other words I lost.
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