Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

Crap crap crap!

The forcast for Tuesday morning is cloudy! Their is a quadruple transit of the moons of Saturn at 4 AM and I won't get to see it. It looks like the apparent size is going to be about 19 arc seconds, with my 40x binoculars that will be about a third the size of the moon! Damn, Damn, Damn! That would have been cool. Perhaps in California you will be able to see it. I think getting my binoculars over an expensive telescope was a really good idea, for planets they are great and they take up so much less space.

Besides some miner worries about job prospects life has been really good lately. Things are going great with Nicole and I have no shortage of horribly interesting nerdy things to play around with. The only problem is that when ever I try to tell anyone about them I see their eyes instantly glaze over. It is really about personal enjoyment so I think I can keep my mouth shut.

Today, someone asked be about the idea I had to make scientific instruments for schools and education... I totally forgot how exited I was about that project. As one of my few semi practical business ideas I think I might start a real notebook on that and get some ideas down on paper. The main things I am missing is someone to market them and a manufacturing partner. I was thinking I could try and build a few and sell them at a loss as just a hobby at first. I also need to find out all the regulations about selling and building electronics... I'm just worried that the licensing fees might be prohibitively expensive to sell instruments on the scale of 5 to 10 for $100 each. Anyway, I better get to bed it is late.
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