Patrick (mcpat) wrote,


Today was kind of surreal, last night a switch in my head just clicked and I decided to finally just do all the things I should do. This morning I got up and pushed the button to turn on my computer like I always do and the hard drive started making all sorts of scraching dieing sounds... oddly I had just wished for this to happen the night before. I wanted to try a day without a computer. And so the day started...

It is odd that I don't get really motivated to a few really bad things happen in a row and I get the feeling that the world is crashing down on me. So first things first, I made a list of all the things that I have put off or forgot to do. Then, I took a shower and made a nice breakfast. The rest of the day I just checked things off the list as fast as I could go. clean room, buy groceries, put all my taxes in order, sort my mail, clean out all my bags, pile up everything I don't need, take out trash, look at rings, mark birthdays on my calender, pay parking tickets, call harbor freight about my mini-mill, go get said mini-mill, lift weights, go on bike ride, get some work from the lab, and fix my computer. Man that felt good, I hope that I can keep it up for tomorrow.

What is really strange is how everything seemed to flow so well and everything just worked out the right way. Strange buzzaro world. It seems like a day of feeling like the world is crashing in on you can really make you get your act together. Good times.
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