Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

So busy with family

I've been so busy lately running around, hiking, and doing things with my family. It can be a bit stressful. Since all the rooms are taken up I've been sleeping on the couch and haven't been sleeping that well. Luckily, my presents turned out well: I got my oldest sister an assortment of really dark fancy chocolates. I got her husband a book on smart people. I got my youngest sister some really fancy teas. I got her husband some fancy beers. I got my mom a calender and my data god a book on FDR. For my Dads concurrent birthday I got him a gift certificate to Apple Wood Pizza, where my parents first date was. Oh, almost forgot, I got Will a baby book with lots of nice color pictures and cardboard pages.

Playing with Will has been a lot of fun, he smiles a lot and cries a lot less then when he was 3 months old. Having a kid seems really hard, I don't function that well on no sleep, but making a family and having them be there for you seems nice when you grow old. Anyway, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about that.

I've noticed lately that I have been getting a lot more sensitive to violence, for example I thought the latest James Bond movie was far too violent for me. When I see that kind of stuff I start thinking about the persons family and there kids and how sad they will be... even the bad guys. I wonder what that is all about?...

I pulled out the boardgame I got with my brother in law last Christmas called Heroscape and we have been playing. I think it is a really well made game. It reminds me of Magic Cards in that all the units interact in interesting ways and you can make combos... but the packs are not random and it is not really a collectible so it is relatively cheep. I guess I will leave it here again since it would be a pain to take on the plane and the people that I know that would like playing it all live here anyway.

I found a box of lenses that my dad said I could take back up with me. Most of them have a 30 mm diameter and all my mounts are for 25.4 but I will come up with something. I really do like optics... I just wish I had time to experiment around more. I'm still debating weather I should get a mini-mill it would cost me about $1k in total after all the clamps/dials/parts to get it going. I would also have to keep it at Nicole's place since I don't have room in my student housing... and I don't want to add anymore to the wonderfulness debt I owe her.
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