Patrick (mcpat) wrote,

So, yeah update

The big experiments at the port seem to have been sucessful. After not sleeping for 72 hours and working that entire time hopefully has paid off in good data that I can use for my general exam. I will look at the data next week, now I just want to relax for a while.

Thanks giving went really well, Nicole cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had. Of course, I ate way too much... but it was worth it.

In other news I got a Bike since Nicole and her room mate love bikes and I want to join in with the fun. Hopefully, I can get some good exercise. The bike is a Novara Safari form REI, I got the 08 model for a big discount since they are moving them out. It was the only one in my size for miles.

I've also been looking at Mini-Mills for making stuff with aluminum. Kind of expensive but I should get something nice for myself so I don't go crazy from working all the time. The only problem is that I don't have a place to put it, it is 30" high by 20"x20" and I don't know if I can get away with it in my student housing... perhaps I can hide it well with a cover... or under a box! That would just be the coolest thing ever! But, I might feel really bad about spending all that money... I think Nicole is trying to talk me out of it... I have been trying to talk her into letting me keep it at her place. We will see how that goes.

It is kind of strange, now that my sister has a kid and the other one is living in Norway, I haven't been talking to them that often. Also, since I stopped sitting around on the internet I haven't been communicaing that much with a lot of my friends. Hopefully I will get to see people again at Christmas and have some fun. Funny how life can get away from you sometimes.

Now it is time to have a snack and go to bed, I'm really sleepy and want to dream about my Mill and other things I wish I could have. :-)
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